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Treasure the past.

You can only determine where you're heading by knowing where you came from: treat yourself to lifestyle articles with a retro design that remind you and others of the unique success story of the original Audi quattro. The heritage collection is for all those who appreciate the past and are still enthusiastic about "Vorsprung durch Technik".



The ori­gi­nal Audi quattro: Top per­for­mance right from the start.

The ori­gi­nal Audi quattro: Top per­for­mance right from the start.

The original Audi quattro refers to a sports coupé produced between 1980 and 1991 that was one of the first road vehicles to be produced in large numbers with four-wheel drive. This model is regarded as the forefather of Audi technology. It was the key to the long-standing success of the four-wheel drive and its standard use in road vehicles.


The original Audi quattro has been a success story right from the start. Even the prototype exceeded all expectations during test drives. In the following years, four-wheel drive became available for more and more Audi vehicles. Other street versions and sports models of the Audi quattro were created. Audi has continued to work on adjusting the look and making technical refinements. So-called evolution models that are exclusively for racing purposes, such as the Audi Sport quattro S1 (E2), have also been developed. The sport versions of the Audi quattro are the basis for an extremely successful period for the Audi brand in motorsport.

The Audi success story.

The vehicle has proved its full ability under difficult conditions, for example on snow-covered and slippery roads in winter. The original Audi quattro drive system delivers top performance and can handle steep roads without any problems. The four-wheel drive technology it uses is constantly being further developed and transferred to other Audi vehicles. In the model designation, the addition of "quattro" still refers to this drive today. The drive concept and the original Audi quattro thus live on in current vehicle models.  


Le­gen­dary motor­sport races.

Le­gen­dary motor­sport races.

The heritage collection recalls Audi's numerous successes in motorsport. Fans of the original Audi quattro will be right at home here. The lifestyle items with a vintage look succeed in reviving the charm of the 1980s. Immerse yourself in the past and receive inspiration for the here and now.

The heritage collection as a tribute.

Today, the original Audi quattro enjoys a high status among motorsport enthusiasts. The heritage collection combines modern zeitgeist with classic elements, thus paying tribute to Audi's outstanding successes in motorsport.

The heritage lifestyle items have characteristic features, such as the typical heritage colours of red, off-white, grey and various shades of brown. Various logos, such as the heritage Audi Sport logo, the former Audi "plum" and the quattro lettering round off the classic modern look. Some vintage print motifs from the quattro rally vehicles are featured. Diamond stitching as a reference to the racing overalls of the 1980s rally era also emphasises the retro style.

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